You Should Really Go Write a Letter

I know everyone is busy, so this is a tough sell. “Busy” is an artificial social construction, and people are really more distracted by everything than “busy,” but that’s a different story.

We have all kinds of communication options. This is nice. But how often do you actually correspond with anyone via email? I don’t know what anyone is doing based on their twitter feed or Facebook status. They’re probably lying, anyway, because social media forums are carefully constructed interpretations of how awesome an individual wants to make themselves. It’s only self-advertising. It’s only the positive ideas of a person. It’s never any kind of honest confessional or concern; writing down those things can really help process a situation, but there is no opportunity with that on the other online communications.

Writing more letters will only help in terms of changing the communication dynamic of our lives, if only a little. A letter is personal and requires focusing on one recipient, not the sixteen other things on the internet demanding your attention. I love that about the internet. You can be so very entertained, constantly. That is the good and the bad.

A letter or postcard also demands a higher level of honesty. The people I properly correspond with feel much closer than those who occasionally think something I post on Facebook is hilarious. I love finding hilarious things on the internet, but sometimes it really helps to take a step away and focus on something.

The easy response to this is, “Deal with it! The times, they are a-changing!” But that doesn’t mean that it’s all good. I’m dealing with it. I use all the inter-nonsense. I have very high standards for web design and font selection. There’s this blog, right here!

I like the internet, but I think we need to save room for a nice letter from a friend without relying on the passive and quick comments too much.