Summer Camp

I went to summer camp this past weekend for the Epic Skill Swap in New Hampshire. Signs around the camp proclaimed a “technology-free zone” and you couldn’t get cell service anyway. Nobody complained.

So people swam in the lake and took naps and learned new ways to make chai and operate a backhoe.

The camp that hosted it, Camp Wilmot, in Wilmot, NH, was built in 1960 and was a lovely example of a back-to-basics summer camp. They have basic cabins and no wi-fi.

I think all activist movements ought to have a summer camp. No external distractions meant that attendees could focus on each other. You could actually discuss a common goal or idea, face-to-face. There was no opportunity for internet activism, where you pick an issue and “like” it. There was nothing to RT.

You can get dirty and run around and focus on one thing at a time (such as getting dirty) and we all need more of that.