Tiny Cars Still Need Gas

I purchased a fresh, tiny Toyota a few years ago, and it’s a good little car. When I bought it, I figured it would be an excellent purchase due to the fact that it’s super-basic (everything is manual) and it could keep working 20 years from now. 

But wait! It’s gas-powered (this applies to you, too, Prius, so don’t feel too special). Technically, the mechanics of my particular car could keep moving and working in 20 years. But will gas still be available? I’m serious. 20 years is a long time in the world of technology. My little car might be over. 

Maybe I should sell my very fuel-efficient car now, while it’s still good. While people still want to buy it. I’m afraid it will only be a chicken coop in the future. Maybe the government will subsidize replacing the engine with some kind of electric thing, or I can remove everything including the floorboards and make a Flintstones-esque car. People power! 

This is obviously a rather post-apocalyptic thought. Not driving around? But this is AMERICA! That is our lifestyle, damn it.