Expensive Gear

We have developed a solid culture of weekend warriors and people who wait for retirement to do sweet things. The social structures now in place reinforce that lifestyle–you have to work your way up to freedom, save money, and then once your knees are busted, you are allowed to roam. Perfect. 

But until then, you are only allowed to drool over photos of Yosemite and buy a lot of expensive gear, just hoping for an opportunity to use it. At least you can look like a polished Patagonia model while you recover from staring at a computer for 8 hours per day. 

If you didn’t work 40+ hours per week at your fancy job, how would you ever afford all that sweet gear to imagine yourself using, climbing El Cap? 

So the question is, why are we investing so much in fantasy? Is it just money? How much gear do you actually need to go outside? Peak work years are also peak sweet-activity years–maybe it would be most reasonable to use up the body you have while it works, and spend retirement lolling around on fantasy climbs and telling the grandkids about the good ol’ days. 

Because obviously their parents will be relying on your busted self to babysit while they go do sweet things.